I thought I would share this watercolour that I did at my watercolour classes.

For this piece I am using Arches 300lb. cold press paper, however I normally use Arches 140lb. cold press paper. I started by transferring the line print to my paper using Graphite paper, then proceeded to paint.

In looking at it further, it still needs more red on the stocking, even though there is four layers of colour. Red water colour is like that with certain colours, heavy on the pigment and more is best. I did the shading using Purple.

Other colours I used are a couple of greens, an olive and a darker green called Green Apatite.

I used Burnt Umber and Cobalt Blue for the wall, and Payne’s Grey watered down for the fireplace and mantle along with shading on the stocking.

I think I will frame this as a gift for Christmas and send it to a friend.

There on many line drawings you can find on google which you can trace on to watercolour paper and paint. It is a great way to have some time out and relax and end up with a piece that makes you happy.

I have listed the products that I use daily from my palette. I have a mix of companies, it depends on the colour, if I like it I get it no matter the manufacturer, as long as it is quality Artist’s grade.

  1. Kia, this is gorgeous! I can almost feel the soft plush of the stocking, and soft fur on the cuff. Beautiful watercolouring!

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