Awhile back I was participating in a blog hop with My Sweet Petunia and My Favorite Things.  Part of the package was a Nugget Trio Shaker Pouch, meant to hold Hershey Nuggets.  Herhey Nuggets are rare in Canada, and could be had if I was prepared to lay down some $50.00, but that was not going to happen.  So, the next best thing was to make them. 

I bought some Hershey Mini bars and melted them down. Then using the shaker pouch I poured in the melted chocolate and let them set. I then trimmed them and cut them for wrapping. I ran into another problem with the gold foil … I could get it if I wanted enough for 10 years. So I went and bought (3) Ferrero Rocher bars (9) chocolates, for their gold foil, which I unwrapped.  Do not be alarmed, I did eat those tasty chocolates in the process.  I ironed the foil and proceeded to wrap my chocolates with it along with the designer paper that was part of the kit.

Needless to say, I was not going to let the unavailable Hershey dilema stop me from having Hershey Chocolate Treats.

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