In the card making world, backgrounds are “Queen”. I love to do backgrounds, and there are days that that is all I will do. 

I was looking at a background that I did for one of my cards and it took me back to a course I took about design principals and how often I continue to use these principals, so I thought you might be interested.

Following is the list we covered in the course. 


gives a sense of movement

 helps direct the eye

creates emphasis


draws attention to and from certain certain elements

creates emphasis, drama


create a strong palette

use the right colour process

consider colour theory


helps to tie lots of visual elements together

crucial for consistent branding

Negative Space

‘the space in between’

create clever images

fantastic for logos


creates a sense of calm

the human eyes is usually attracted to symmetry


helps element interaction

use it intentionally

can create movement


gives depth to designs

use it sparingly and intentinally


each element has a weight

adjust your designs balance via scale and composition


light vs. dark; thick vs. thin

helps create emphasis

makers designs ‘pop’


try textures and shadows, effects and horizon lines, etc.


helps highlight elements

can be aesthetic or purposeful

crop images in interesting ways


the arrangement of elements

have purpose with the composition

uses scale and depth


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