I think everyone has their own way of watercolouring using a stencil.  This technique works well for me and I thought I would share it.

On the card below I used Color Burst powders for my colour.  I placed the stencil over my watercolour paper, then with a damp large brush (I used a #10 round here) to dampen the cut out of the stencil area.  I dampened one leaf at a time for the card below.

With my fingers I like to feel the brush to see how much water I have in it … so I swirl my brush in water then run it between my fingers to determine the amount of water. It should be damp, not saturated. Yes I know I should be using a paper towel, but this method works for me, and you have to do what works, right?

Once I dampen the leaf I remove the stencil and added colour to the damp area, then drop in the second colour, dry it and move on to the next part.

Some areas I left with the green colour, others I mixed lightly and still others I flooded with the pink, even added a second layer to some.

I hope this may help some of you who struggle with this.  I think the effort is worth the results.

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